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I relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in 2004 where I attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. There I received my undergraduate degree in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing in 2008. I have been working in the legal industry since 2004, and have had the opportunity to work for a variety of law firms, and different areas of law. Family Law has always been the most gratifying and rewarding area of practice to me personally since, as a child, I was exposed to the divorce of my parents. This experience instilled in me the desire to help others, provide empathy for those in times of need, and the understanding that you, and your family, may be coping with one of the most difficult decisions in your life the day you pick up the phone and make the decision to call Sodoma Law.

When I joined the team at Sodoma Law as the Client Accounts Manager, I immediately noticed that I was surrounded by upbeat people, an optimistic work atmosphere, and a team with an incomparable desire to succeed. I found that these same individuals, whether attorneys or administrative staff, possess tenacious personalities that drives them to give their best every day, for every single client that walks through our doors. I am lucky to have discovered the perfect career, one that I’d been searching for but, in many ways, found me instead. Being the client accounts manager at Sodoma Law gives me the opportunity to work directly with each of our clients, the chance to engage in my community, and all while balancing the financial needs of the firm.

I’m proud to call myself part of the Sodoma Law team and I know, without a doubt, that the services we provide go above and beyond every day expectations.



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The Sodoma Way

When I opened the doors to Sodoma Law in 2008, it was with the intention of building a different kind of firm. When I started to put together the team, I focused on creating a culture unlike any other I had encountered: a “firm family” that showed commitment to our clients, to our team and to our community. Over time, this concept has become known as “The Sodoma Way.”

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